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Nuts & Dry fruits


Quickly Check the Oxidation status of Nuts and hard shelled dried fruit

With CDR FoodLab Touch you can obtain in a simple and rapid way a complete control on the oxidation status of hard shelled dried fruit, seeds and other solid samples.

Available Analysis of nuts, seeds and hard shelled dry fruits

How to Analyze the oxidation state of Nuts in 3 easy steps

Analyze the oxidation state of Nuts in 3 easy steps: 1 Press the nuts and put the paste in a tube. 2 minutes. 2 Centrifuge for at least 4800 rpm. 5 minutes. 3 After the centrifugation take the oil extracted to do the analysis. 5 minutes.

With the CDR system you can extract the oil to analyze with a Simple Mechanical Treatment.

Thanks to the Multitasking Function, on the oil extracted you can determine in 5 minutes Free Fatty Acids (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV) and p- Anisidine Value (AnV), abandoning the use of toxic solvents, extraction hoods, complex analytical instruments and complicated methods.

Several comparative studies demonstrated that the accuracy of the analytical results of the oxidation tests is compliant with the accuracy of reference methods and highlighted the fact that FoodLab Touch is simpler to use and yields the required results in shorter time.

Practicality and Time Savings in analysis of Nuts Oxidation status

FoodLab Touch is able to test very small samples and does not require calibration or maintenance operations. It does not necessarily have to be used in a laboratory and can be employed by unskilled personnel in production facilities. Results are yielded in just few minutes.

When used in combination with the extraction system, FoodLab Touch is particularly indicated for all companies that produce, process and package nuts.

The leading companies of this segment have in fact already chosen this method because it enables to rapidly control the quality of nuts and to eliminate the need of using traditional analytical methods that involve the use of toxic solvents (Soxhlet).