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MiniFood: portable Analyzer for Olive Oil and edible oils

MiniFood can be used to determine the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) and Peroxide Value (PV) in olive oil. Thanks to its compact dimensions, its lightness and the connection cable for vehicles, it can be used to perform tests directly on-site, even when a dedicated laboratory is not available.

The System


The analytical system includes:
  • A spectrophotometric analyzerwith solid state emitters (LEDs) and reading and incubation cells thermostated at 37° C.
  • A Kit of pre-vialed, disposable reagents with a low toxicity developed by the research laboratories of CDR and a 12-month shelf-life.
  • Pipettes to simplify the collection of the samples.
  • Functional illustrated sheets.

Simple method 

  • Simple and fast methods, no need of preparing the samples
  • In line with reference methods
  • No maintenance and calibration expenses

Comparative Studies

The analytical method developed by CDR to determine the Free Fatty Acid and Peroxide Value in oil, integrated in MiniFood, was compared with reference methods.

All the laboratories involved in the tests expressed a favorable opinion as regards the compliance of the system, its being in line with reference methods, and rapidity and easiness of testing.

NEOTRON, a laboratory certified, performed a series of comparative tests between the analytical method used by CDR and ISO methods used to determine the amount of peroxides and percentage of acidity. Its final assessment was that the results were comparable with the agreed analytical criteria for the parameters indicated in EEC Regulation 2568/91.

The Milan Laboratory of the (SSOG – Experimental Agency for Oils and Fats) performed a series of comparative studies on peroxides tests, confirming that the CDR system method is substantially aligned with the specifications of EEC Regulation 2568/91.

Analytical Kits

Analysis N.Tests Code Range
Free Fatty Acids (FFA) 100 *300125/A 0-2,2% Oleic Acid
10 *300128/A
Peroxide Value (PV) 100 *300160 1-50 mEqO /Kg
10 *300164

Technical Specifications

  • System: 2-channel spettrophotometric analyzer (630 nm e 505 nm), 1 measuring cell and 1 incubation cell designed to heat samples at a temperature of 37°C
  • Measurement: optical and electronic solid state devices
  • Range fotometrico: 0,0-2,3 Abs; (0,0-4,0 Abs) ampl
  • Outputs: 1 serial connection configurable for HOST PC or external printer
  • Overall weight: 470 g
  • Overall dimensions: 130 mm x 243 mm x 60 mm
  • Power supply: 12V dc
  • Absorption: 500 mA max
  • Environmental operating conditions: from +15°C to +35°C.

Reference Standards

  • EN 50081/1. Electromagnetic compatibility: emission – residential environments – light industry.
  • EN 55022. A Measurement of radio disturbances on IT equipment.
  • EN 50082/2 Sensitivity to irradiated and induced electromagnetic radiation.
  • ENV 50140 Electromagnetic compatibility: immunity test in presence of radiated electromagnetic RM fields.


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Photo credit: cdR FoodLab